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When working with A & D Pool you are treated like family. We value our customers! When your pool needs resurfacing or just marcite repair, we will handle the process of permitting and surveying and will guarantee your project is handled properly from beginning to end.

When the project is initiated the pool is drained and we ensure there are no damages to the structure. All loose surface is removed and voids are filled, new tiles may be installed if needed.

A & D pool will apply bond cast to the old surface the bonding agent between the old surface and the new surface.

The material is applied by hand to prevent any air pockets in the surface which promotes a strong surface integrity. Our process ensures the highest strength and workmanship. A & D Pool has a diverse selection of tile and pavers to create a true outdoor luxury environment.

A & D Pool follows each project to completion and the final step is the water is professionally treated. We truly believe we deliver a luxury outdoor environment that is timeless.


A & D Pool has a long term approach to service. Our employees have an average of 10 years or more in the industry. With highly skilled and trained in-house repair and chemical experts, we have the ability to respond immediately to any service question or request you may have.


A & D pool repair specialists are skilled and knowledgeable of the science behind swimming pools and the equipment. Our repair specialist have the ability to recognize design and manufacturing equipment flaws to guide you to right decision when purchasing, they truly are experts in the field.
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